Top 20 Facts About Baby Boomers

Below are some some mind blowing facts about baby boomers.

1. “Baby¬†boomers¬†” is a term referring to the individuals who were born in between the year 1945 and 1965.

2. Baby Boomer Generation makes up approximately 77 million individuals, which is conceivably the biggest American age ever. This is equaled just by the Millennial Generation which is generally about a similar size.

3. Numerous Baby Boomers continues to financially support their kids into adulthood, despite them leaving home.

4. Most Baby Boomers works past the age of 65 years, the standard age of retirement. Numerous do this for money related reasons while others do it basically for the delight of working.

5. Most of the baby boomers population today are females, who seem to be outlasting numerous male baby boomers.

6. The biggest grouping of Baby Boomers are found in Maine, a satate in the U.S. that has a rating of about 36.8%, it is followed by Montana and New Hampshire.

7. Many Baby Boomers wedded generally youthful (before 25 years old), but only about 66% of these stay wedded today.

8. Baby Boomers make up the vast majority of the home-owning statistic in the United States, and one of every four of these mortgage holders possess in excess of one property.

9. They take initiative. An individual from the Baby Boomer age is twice as prone to make and possess a business compared to a millennial.

10. Among the most fascinating fact about the Baby Boomers, is that they will probably hold leadership positions in the high paying fields, for example, engineering or medical.

11. Currently, the Baby Boomers occupies almost 26% of the U.S population.

12. The previous four heads of state were all individuals from the Baby Boomer age. Obama, who was born in 1963, Clinton, Bush and Trump, all we were born in 1946.

13. They are almost reaching the retirement age. Close to 10,000 Baby Boomers turns 65 every day for the following 18 years.

14. About 82% of all the Baby Boomers utilize social media, making their essence known on the web.

15. They pay recognition for a job well done. Boomers gives positive criticism on the web.

These are some of the notable facts about baby boomers.

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